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Louise De Maurillac

Louise De Maurillac has launched his first perfume in 2006. The fragrance had light and fruity scent and it combined the notes of pear, muguet, peach and amethyst freesia. The fragrances were popular among younger audience, because of its fruity aromas. Now there are more than 7 fruity perfumes developed in Louise De Maurillac collection and it is recommended for casual wear.

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Louise De Maurillac and Her Intangible Fragrances

Louise de Maurillac is a brand focused on delivering strange, yet comprehensible fragrances for each and every one of us, with a special stress on combinations between casual aromas and exotic elements. Not particularly visible at an international level, even though one should be able to find it just about anywhere in the world, Louise de Maurillac is still a very interesting name in the history of perfumery as it has managed to draw the attention to it more than a couple of times by advertising very interesting and compelling perfumes. Below are the few we like best and consider suitable for you, irrespective of your tastes or personal options.

LM displays a floral base with intriguing accents and particularly fascinating notes of unknown nature; onto this base, one may perceive the sweet spirit of the pear, the joyful tones of peach, and the special attractions featured by muguet and freesia. Don't let your imagination fly just yet, as LM has many more hidden notes that need to be discovered even after the first time you'll wear it. Omnix, on the other side comes in two different forms: for him and for her, both of them featuring this particular dialogue between deepness and appearance, as if fragrances were created to be touched, and then to be smelled.

Remark the not-at-all casual design of the bottles and the new syntax advertised by Louise de Maurillac: it's in the very nature of things to find their counterparts, but managing to keep the contrasts in balance is an art in itself. As such, you will discover how the cold spirit of metals can intertwine with the soft and warm tenderness of glass and with the transparency rendered by each and every fragrance in particular. Don't hesitate to try more than one product at a time, only to understand how such a complex design is born.

Buy these fragrances each time you find them online: they are not to be seen on every shelf and missing such an opportunity is not a good idea, because Louise de Maurillac is definitely a brand to remember.