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Loris Azzaro

Loris Azzaro is a French fashion designer , who has launched his clothing and perfume lines in 1962 in Paris. By1968 his business had a great success. His glamorous party dresses were very popular and they were designed for the for the French elite. His signature design is ornate beading and daring cut outs. He launched his perfume line in collaboration with such perfumers as Dalida abd Raquel Welch. His perfume line was popular for the unusual design of the bottle and for the elite and elegant scents. Now he has more than 7 perfumes in his collection.

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Sleekness and Elegance with Loris Azzaro

Loris Azzaro has managed to make room for its products on the international market after displaying superb design solutions with respect to the materials they use and to the quality of the overall design. Fabulous scents and suggestive aromas come to complement a name that is widely known, especially in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. If you think you've tried them all, but you haven't had a particular interest in this brand, don't miss it for the world: it will astonish you with its suave traces and powerful notes that almost gain volume when sprayed out from the bottle. Loris Azzaro is a brand for men and women altogether and a name to remember if you like the recent history of perfumery.

Below you will find a few fragrances advertised under this name; however, each and every one of it would require a separate article if we were to better describe the nature of these perfumes:

  • Chrome for him is dedicated to surrender you with a passionate combination of oak moss and tonka bean; luminous effects of jasmine and coriander redefine your masculinity and reinvent your style, opening you up to dimensions you have never conceived before.
  • Azzaro Now lights up your inner fire with its elegant shape, its transparency, and the illustrious combination of tea, frosted metal, and amber.
  • Acteur will teach you how to be secretive and powerful at the same time. Beware the strong notes of cardamom and cedar wood.
  • Onyx EDT Spray indulges you better understand the true and hidden nature of geranium, patchouli and amber.

From complicated color schemes to matte black boxes, Loris Azzaro tells the entire story of contemporary perfumes. The design is neither too elaborate nor too dismissive: it is actually a combination of the two and it manages to render a young spirit with a heart of its own.

Considering the quality of these fragrances, Loris Azzaro products come at a price that is not steep at all. On the contrary, you can purchase such jewels online at very competitive rates and have them delivered to you in a matter of days.