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Lomani introduced his first fragrance in 1987. The perfume was made of lavender and amber and it had sharp and spicy scent. Later on second perfume was launched and it was made of crisp citrus spice and wood. The scent was very refreshing. The most popular perfumes are Cruiser for Men and Cruiser for Women Ignition Best Lady. Now there are more than 10 perfumes for men and women offered in Lomani's collection and they are recommended for all types of occasions.

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Verticality and Intuition with Lomani

It's the light nature and the subtle spirit of this brand that configures a new way of understanding fragrances. Lomani is, by all means, a complicated blending of many ingredients, design solutions, and marketing techniques and, thus, it manages to render a new structure with a whole new individuality hidden inside. Buying Lomani is an act of virtue and of faith, because each product signed with this name renders a very strong individuality that is rather classic in approach and elaborated in configuration. If you're looking for a change in your life and don't know what to choose, try these fragrances and their particular way of understanding and transposing the world into your home and on your skin.

Velocity seems to be the key concept that drives these perfumes, as the verticality of the bottles and the straightforward nature of the aromas intermingle and render the idea and the feeling of speed. Lomani by Lomani is such a frenetic fragrance, with deep tones of dry wood and crisp notes of citrus. The intensity of lavender and spices will reconfigure the way you feel passion and will give you enough reasons to keep on using this perfume for the months to come.

Keep a close eye on the superb permutation of colors in the same vertical alignment. The casual sense of the cap is redistributed in such a way that it suggests different meanings, all of which inducing the idea of firmness and insistence. Especially designed for strong men and confident women, Lomani stands for the true values of dignity and trust. Also, remark the way color schemes get to be more and more complicated, whilst maintaining the same basic idea. It's not a matter of taste after all; it's rather a problem of distinguishing right between the incisive spirit of a winner and its inconclusive counterpart.

Lomani comes at excellent prices and it forces its niche to get even more affordable for you by advertising such exceptional formulas at a glorious price. Online orders are preferable in this context, because you have the immense opportunity to buy more for less without ever leaving the comfort of your home.