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Loewe is manufacturing luxury soap bars, that contain natural essential oils that moisturize and nourish body skin. All the bars have natural and light scent. The soaps remove the dirt from the skin gently. Later on the company has launched body lotion, named Loewe A Mi Aire Solo Loewe. The Loewe products can be acquired in more than 50 stores all over the world.

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Playing with Letters and Colors: Loewe

Loewe is not just a brand: is an entire universe, full of intense aromas and complicated fragrances. It is difficult to find the proper spot for this otherwise classic brand because each and every fragrance signed with this name gives you a new dimension of life and asserts itself as a full-featured identity. Loewe is simple and syntactically complicated at the same time; it is light and deep, casual and exquisite, and it generally displays an air of autonomy that is so difficult to find and preserve in this field. In other words, if you care for the quality of your perfume and you want to try something completely new, without risking a thing, you should definitely buy and try products from signed Loewe.

Agua De Loewe is one of the highlights featured for the next season: it is destined to both men and women and it bears the signs of a light and charismatic aroma, with a modern and urban look. Check the transparent watery notes of this fragrance if you want to add a new dimension and, implicitly, more life to your style. Or try I Loewe You, this rather traditional formula that is just what it takes to make the difference between a pleasant evening and a perfectly romantic dinner. Aire Loewe on the other hand will teach you values like confidence and power with its light, yet suggestive bouquet encompassing both floral effects and magnetic minimalist tones. Finally, Solo Loewe is the core of the offer, as this perfume is the classic option men have when they come to shop from this brand.

See how transparency and opaqueness intertwine in these products if you want to better understand the meaning of Loewe in matters of design. Fabulous bottles and complex patterns are used to complement the intricately beautiful nature of the color schemes, thus creating a world of subtle shades and intense contours.

The best way to check a product is to buy it and test it for more than one day. The good thing is that online discounts help you purchase cheaper items and still take advantage of all the benefits regular customers in local shops do.