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Leonard is a French perfumer, that has launched his own perfumes in 1988. His fragrances has a distinguishing floral and strong scent, such as bergamot, spices, rose and lily-of-the-valley. The perfumes mostly fit for women over 40 that prefer floral aromas. Now there are more than 7 perfumes developed and offered in Leonard collection.

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Leonardo and the New Waves of Continental Fragrances

Leonardo is an Italian brand specialized in delivering superb combinations of stunning ingredients that have got in the attention of contemporary houses of perfumes all across the globe. As such, Leonardo manages to make a very clear and clean distinction between the traditional values associated to perfumery (such as elegant packaging, well-balanced formulas, and exquisite transparency of the fragrance) and futuristic elements (exotic ingredients and aromas, strange combinations, and intuitive top-notes). The results are purely emblematic for both this brand and for the ones who choose to buy it on a regular basis.

An excellent example to demonstrate the elements mentioned above is Tamango by Leonardo. The intrusive characteristics of this fragrance are just perfect for contemporary urban spirits and for those who like to stand out from the crowd and to assert themselves in public. Top notes are obvious and very powerful: tonka bean and oak moss lead the way to the new trends in this sector. They are followed by distinct, yet discreet middle notes, like rose, lily, and iris, while the heart is all about orchids, carnations, and amber. Don't try to identify each nuance in particular and let yourself carried away by the fantastic effects of the bouquet as a whole. If you can't do it right away, give it time (say a few minutes) and then you should be able to experience one of the most complex formulas on the market today.

And things don't stop here; the design of the box Tamango comes packed in is impressive in itself: a dialogue between the gloomy black and joyful pink is accentuated by superb fonts and by a carefully chosen logo that completes the ensemble. At the same time, the bottle is a duet between the opaque black of the cap and the sheer transparence of the glass. And if this is not enough, remark the elegance of the fonts on the front side.

Purchasing such a wonder at a local market is almost impossible, due to its limited availability. It's better if you do it online, where you can check both the authenticity of the product and also take advantage from exceptional offers every now and then.