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Laura Biagiotti

This brand has been acclaimed all over the world for its unique and universal products for women. Laura Biagiotti started her career in the fashion world by helping her mother to design dresses. Laura Biagiotti clothing and accessories are being unique by the shapes and styles. Biagiotti sunglasses lines was recognized by many movie stars, television personalities and members of the royal families. Laura Biagiotti Beauty Brands include wide variety of boutiques and stores across the world.

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Laura Biagiotti - A New Kind of Transparency

Laura Biagiotti is one of the leading names in today's fashion. The Laura Biagiotti Fashion House is renowned around the world for its exquisite creations. The Laura Biagiotti collections for men, women, and children display a classy, fanciful design, generally characterized by a precise cut, being at the same time non-restricting and easy to wear. The creative use of fabrics and the excellent technique have made Laura Biagiotti an internationally recognized designer. Laura Biagiotti particularly admires cashmere; it is a well known fact that cashmere appeared in her first collection and has remained there ever since. The presence of cashmere as a fashion item is an absolute innovation and it is relevant to the perfumes advertised under this name, as they display a similar sense of smoothness and elegance altogether.

Light, graceful, and elegant, the Laura Biagiotti collection of perfumes promotes a refined, carefully adorned range of colors and scents, with discrete chromatic accents on a generally airy scale, displaying variations of white, gray, beige and pink, with metallic accents, and geometrical or floral motifs, giving a very flattering look, and a notion of distinction underneath. For instance, Laura displays cyclamen and vetiver as essential elements and uses lychee and peach as special highlights. Similarly, Donna reinvents sophistication with traces of stephanotis jasmine and light musk. It is Roma the one that brings oriental tones in the line of perfumes sold by Laura Biagiotti and the way it does it is extremely powerful and suggestive: with intense notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

Airy fabrics are going to be the trend for this coming spring and summer. Vivid colors in alternation with soft neutrals, floral prints and lace will also characterize this year's fashion. If you take a look at the elegant boxes and bottles created and displayed by Laura Biagiotti, you'll see the same effects in the minimalistic look of the former and in the transparency of the latter.

Undeniably stylish, this year's collection by Laura Biagiotti reflects the designer's genuine interest in offering glamorous, fashionable items. It is easy to understand why anyone would choose the Laura Biagiotti perfumes, considering the exceptional prices that accompany these items.