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Lancome is owned by L'Oréal company since 1964. Lancome belongs to the Luxury Products division, which produces skin care, hair care, perfumes and makeup at higher-end prices. The company was founded in 1935. The founder of the company is Armand Petitjean, that was born in France. Lancome has one of the bestselling and famous cosmetic companies in the world.


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A Great Name, Lancome

Known worldwide, this brand has a history of repeated successes, best known for the superb products remarkable by all for their qualities and exquisite presentation. With a very long experience and a mastered strategy, Lancome proudly stands by its so appreciated creations. Acclaimed along the years, Lancome has got to the heart of people, with products which became in time irreplaceable for many.

High Resolution Eye Collaser 5X is a great example of what Lancome is trying to prove. Production of specially designed products aiming to sustain specifics of the general health has been the perpetual strategy followed by Lancome. With vitamins and enzymes embedded, High Resolution Eye Collagen 5X does boost the look and health of the eye, and the areas around it, helping to maintain a general younger look. At an affordable price, this product has been desired by a large number of shoppers in the last few years. Absolue Eye Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating & Reconstructing Eye Cream is another wonderful creation of Lancome line of cosmetics. Aiming at skin regeneration with a denser quality, it does reduce the signs of fatigue managing to improve the general health.

Featuring packaging solutions different than those of most of their competitors, these nicely designed cans and tubes, along with wonderfully shaped bottles come to reiterate the strategy followed by Lancome, highlighting the main characteristics of the line of cosmetics through all the possible ways, including design, marks and descriptions which enrich the packaging used. Wrappers have also a very expensive look, with colors and patterns that entitle Lancome to a privileged position among all cosmetic's producers. Prices vary, from high to low, any situation proving that you never get to pay too much, actually raising the question whether they are not too cheap. Especially the possibility of using these products as gifts of an unmatched quality makes them very appreciated along with the fact that one can easily purchase any of these cosmetics online, not only in regular stores.

With a position close to the top of the most famous producers, Lancome has got a name to remember by all who got the chance to know it.