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Two partners Georges Wurz and Tom Lancaster decided to start their own luxury beauty company, that became famous all over the world. The location of the company is located in Monaco. Early successes, was brought by the first creme, named Embryonnaire. This creme helped to build up the reputation of the Lancaster trademark. After solidly establishing its position in the French Market, Lancaster started to introduce its products to other European countries. Later on they were spreading to Asia and Middle East. Then company develops and innovates anti-aging cream, skin care and hair care products.

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Stay Young with Lancaster

Following a long aimed purpose, the one of defeating the aging process, Lancaster has managed to produce very nice and time-proof products. Interest in the anti-aging process has been a successful and excellent promoter for Lancaster's line of products. General public opinion regarding this matter did show on large margins the effectiveness of such actions. The market was, is and it will most probably always be open to any such creations, destined to improve the looks and the health of the body altogether.

With just a few products on the market, Lancaster has managed to display a brand name worthy of mentioning. Embryonnaire, the first crème presented on the market had a good success, proving effective and appreciated. Later, more products were introduced, one keeping awake our attention, Sunwater. Released on the market at the end of the last century, Sunwater is one of the best known of Lancaster's creations. Destined for women, it has a refreshing taste, with just the trace of an exotic texture. Based on a mixture of sunny floral, rose, cedar wood and amber, it raises your attention by the multitude of feelings it awakes every time it is used. Such great aromas are not too often encountered; therefore, every time a new customer gets to try this special fragrance they also buy it.

Packages used have been designed in such ways as to try to suggest the meaning of the products. Consistent connection between the products and the purpose they were meant for has been one cause for the Lancaster's struggle to produce perfect fit bottles for their fragrances and perfect jars for the skin solutions. Products meant to sustain the heath of the hair have followed the others with results in higher sales to these days. Sold very cheap, affordable for most, first displayed only in stores, now available online as well, these products are a must for all persons with the tiniest interest in their health.

Today we can see many producers on the market, highly recommended by many. However, just a few of them have real qualities and we can proudly name Lancaster as one of them.