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The company was established in 1921 and it is located in the Alsace, France area which is well-known for its glass making industry. The company started manufacturing status and vases from glass. The company became a professional in this art of crafts. The Lalique style is unique and original style, that can be easily recognized through the forms, shapes, patterns, richness of the details, that are really figurative. Later on the company has launched the lines of perfumes that are suitable for any occasions and they exalt the femininity.

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Learn the Secrets of Lalique Freedom

Early founded, this company has suffered a perpetual evolution, from the moment it started almost o century ago to the day of today. With a very long experience in manufacturing glass, their products have experienced an evolution along with the entire company. Glasses of unmistakable patterns and shapes have contributed to the later success of these great products on the market.

To be able to change direction and to adapt to the market, following general and particular needs has been one of the best qualities this company featured along the years. With very adapted products to the market's requests, Lalique has been a true friend for all the consumers in search of refined products. With very feminine shapes and colors, many of Lalique's fragrances display an attractive and seductive image. Amethyst Lalique, Encre Noir Pour Elle, Lalique Le Parfum are just a few of Lalique creations with the merit of carrying a strong first impression. Amethyst Lalique for example, features a blend of blackberry, blackcurrant, and floral bouquet. It does have a seductive appearance as it has a special, unique design meant to impress. The color and the lines enriching the bottle, along with its unsteady lid, make you think it has been conceived in the future. The very pleasant aspect and the modern design have been revealed as important by the large number of shoppers consistently purchasing this fragrance.

As Amethyst Lalique, all other perfumes feature the same type of characteristics of their package. Uniqueness seems to have been the basis of Lalique's philosophy and it is noticeable in the entire line of products. Each fragrance's bottle, beside its futuristic and elegant looks, is carefully packed in nice boxes carrying the same significance as the fragrance does. Surprisingly, they are sold at lower prices than expected, maybe too cheap, especially when you purchase them over certain weekends when promotions are ongoing online and even in the usual stores.

Able to reach its purpose, Lalique has enriched the cosmetic culture with new ideas, supplying the mere shopper with new experiences destined to increase and enhance the fullness of life.