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Lacoste is a high fashion apparel company, that was established in 1933. The company sells top quality clothing, shoes, fragrances, leather goods, eye-wear, watches for men and women. The most famous clothing of the company are tennis shirts. Recently, Lacoste has launched a line of bad sheets and bath towels. The company's signature logo, which is a green crocodile can be recognized anywhere. Its main opponents are Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and Tommy Hilfiger.

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Get Crazy and Share the Best of Lacoste

Meaningless to present this incredible appreciated brand, Lacoste has conquered us through the impressions their products have made. Mostly, the need to introduce Lacoste is justifiable only by the recent improvements brought by this worldwide company to the sector of cosmetics. Managing to improve what once was defined as perfect, and then to repeat this for a number of times is one of Lacoste's greatest achievements. Fully contempt customers bring this company among the best ones in this field. Known for almost a century of activity, this brand has gained the respect of everyone. Products carrying its symbols are always preferred to almost any other brand.

Nice products, meant to feed you with the best thing such products can deliver, these lines of cosmetics, especially fragrances, have been quite an investment with remarkable results. Joy of Pink, Lacoste Dream of Pink, Lacoste Eau DE Lacoste L.12.12. Bleu are just three of this line of perfume's bests. Lacoste Challenge is another good example of innovation, as it arrived on the market in the latter years, consisting from a nice mix of scents based on a blend of violet, ginger, lavender, and teakwood. Lacoste Elegance, does imprint as the name suggests, a note of elegance and somehow seriousness, without leaking that specific tone of joy, expected in every respected fragrance. Meant to deliver the highest quality, perfumes as this one do have an absolutely marvelous performance in fulfilling their mission.

In order to accomplish their mission, these perfumes have the powerful help of the packaging which, we do have to say, is a deadly weapon for the competition. Bottles, cans, tubes, and wrappers are so perfectly designed to fit the products they accompany, that designers should be doubly rewarded for the job they have done. To put your hands on something made by Lacoste is the one thing on your mind once you got the chance to try any of Lacoste's creations.

With concepts ready to defeat any possible competition, Lacoste does have what it takes to be seated in the honorable position of the master of fragrances.