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Krizia Bajos is a Latino fashion model, that has started her career in 1998, when she was 18. By the age of 22 she became so popular, that she was representing the fashion clothes for such couture fashion houses such Chanel, Gucci, Armani. Later on she was filming in a couple of movies and television shows. She has launched a series of perfumes and cosmetics under her own company, called Krizia.

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Fragrances by Krizia

In the recognized quest to advertise better items, Krizia has been very careful in creating new products with a new aspect, desirable by the customers. Control over production in a manner to limit the creativity involved in the process of manufacturing has been resented from the beginning. With deep roots in the history of the cosmetics, this great brand has managed to master items combining elements of conservativeness and elements of innovation.

K De Krizia is a well acclaimed perfume sold worldwide in large numbers. This fragrance is very sharp and aromatic, based on a blend of moss, vanilla, bergamot, rose, and carnation. Elaborate with high care, mysterious and joyful, this superb fragrance does have so much to say about life itself. Every time you use it, positive remarks will come in from all over the world, as the aroma is very appealing for so many. Seductive and fascinating, this perfume has been preferred by women of all types and ages, proving its magnificent nature and its universal destination. Krizia Time is a very romantic fragrance with special notes textured in certain ways to imprint a luxurious look.

Design is very noticeable and different from most of the competitive fragrances, with colors that vary from high intensity to darker hues. Also, the little bottles used for each fragrance have lids with a design meant to make a difference. Suave and delighting, each time you get to experience any of these fragrances you get to feel more alive than ever before. Interesting is that even with the previous facts taken into account, sales online have exceeded the sales in stores, a possible cause for this situation being the easier way to purchase goods online rather than drive all the way to the store and waste so much time instead. Sold at very good prices, customer's satisfaction has proved to be mentioned along with every one of Krizia's products, giving us the opportunity to appreciate Krizia as a customer oriented company.

Diversity and variety seem to have found the perfect place in Krizia's creations with a strong impact over customer's preferences for these perfumes.