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Kiss is an American cosmetic company, that manufactures perfumes, skin care, nail care products. The company became popular for its series of nails collection of different colors and textures. Now, the company has more than 80 products in its skin care and nail care collections.

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A Kiss for You

Explorations of human sensuality did prove to be without end, and so Kiss has designed a range of products destined to increase the feelings experienced, presenting a very seductive aroma pleasurable to all those as fortunate as to test it. A mysterious name, as much as common it might seem, every time it is pronounced it does light up in each and every one of us that luminous feeling, expectations being raised again and then fulfilled better than expected.

Kiss Her Rockin After Bath Splash is one of the most representative of Kiss's products. Featuring an aroma conceived from a mixture of red peppercorns, exotic black orchids, and wet fig leaves, this great bath splash is able to empower you with the feeling of sensuality and seduction. Hard to elaborate, these nice looking products have been destined to bring joy and happiness to your life. To kiss and to be kissed are few of the most wonderful feelings, thus the creator of this brand has decided on this name, in his quest to find the best suggestive title able to give a direction to this company's future plans. Kiss Her by Kiss is another well received fragrance on the market, able to please a large number of customers. Sharp and slender, this perfume has been fascinating to so many, for such a long time, proving the intuitiveness embedded within.

As far as design is concerned, Kiss has decided on a very elegant presentation of their products. Meant to remind each shopper the purity of the kiss, the light, mostly white color consistently accompanies the entire line of Kiss's fragrances. Destined to bring beauty into your life, the little cans and bottles have certain design solutions that are conceived very well to supply you with more suggestive power, able to break the barriers that keep you enchained in the daily routine.

Subjective, yet so pleased, we have been amazed by the various aromas with exotic traces developed by Kiss. Playful and suave at the same time, these nice products are sold online and in stores at very competitive prices most of the time and are mainly preferred by young people and by teenagers worldwide.