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Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Simmons is a fashion model from America. Also, she is an author and former president and Creative Director for Phat Fashions Corporation. She decided to get her feet in the door of beauty industry in 2005. She developed the line of haircare and skincare products. She also, produces the lines of perfumes an make up.

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Great Looks from Kimora Lee Simmons

The most probable causes of the deterioration of the condition of the hair, skin and health in general is found in the inefficacity of the methods prescribed and followed to counter these problems. With a new strategy meant to defeat the worst conditions that appear along with aging, Kimora Lee Simmons has released on the market a series of products with certain qualifications in dealing with so many health issues.

Products meant to aim for the skin health do prove to be regenerative and improve the general looks of the skin. With no aggressive chemicals in their composition, the great products intended for hair care determine an increase in the volume of the hair, with no side effects even on the thin hair. The line of fragrances however, seems to be the best of Kimora Lee Simmons's results. General knowledge about the influence of a good state of spirit over the general health is not as well developed as one would think. Needless to mention the countless positive side effects a fragrance has over the ones around, we do have to accentuate the positive results an impressive aroma has on the daily life of the person as lucky as to use it. This way, Baby Phat Seductive Goddess has been created to deliver the perfect combination of sweet and sour, thus creating one of the most attractive aromas one could encounter. Based on a blend of vanilla, black rose, citrus, and purple violet, this Kimora Lee Simmons's fragrance is one of the most seductive perfumes yet tested.

With exquisite shaped bottles, and with very fine packaging, able to capture most of customer's eyes, these provocative perfumes have been sold widely on a large scale. Presented very nice, wrapped as special gifts, these products are sold in stores, as well as online, the two strategies sharing one common feature, the perpetual interest in the shopper's expectations.

Kimora Lee Simmons has managed to overcome the lines that separate the two industries, the fashion industry and the cosmetic industry, managing to find the connections between the two with results we surely appreciate.