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In 1964 the company was founded. The Kerastase has been inventing and developing new haircare products. The products contains the most advanced and active formulas. Company's values, dedicated their business to 4 essential principles: expertise, personalization, beauty and performance. The company has developed more than 60 products in its collection.

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Kerastase, the Way to a Healthy Hair

Today's companies have special strategies oriented towards achieving their goal with little care for the mere shopper. People are often tricked into buying products which carry certain descriptions on the package, even though the qualities described might not be fount entirely in the product sold. This is the cause why so many shoppers like to make an inquiry before they buy something. Kerastase has gained a special respect in the cosmetic industry, by promoting products of high quality able to meet and overpass customer's expectations.

Age Premium Bain Substantif Shampoo is a very nice product with a gentle effect on the hair. Developed from a complete formula with vitamins A, B and E, this shampoo has an anti-aging effect, repairing damaged hair and supplying the necessary calcium to the skin. Dermo-Calm Bain Riche Haute Tolerance Shampoo is a shampoo destined to hydrate and make dry hair smooth. Unpleasant conditions which at times have a damaging effect on the hair can be defeated by using this great shampoo. Kerastase Soleil Brume Jour Protectrice Micro-diffusion Protection is an anti-frizz solution, aimed to protect the hair in very humid environments. With a long-lasting effect on the color of the hair, this conditioner sells well in very large quantities and in different sizes.

The designs solutions for the tubes and bottles have been adapted to fit the entire line of products, with a good effect over the sales. Larger quantities were sold especially due to the promotional offers that combined sets of various sizes with price adjustments, determining the shoppers to buy more for less. On a first look, not too many would take this step, but once you get to know Kerastase, you will go for it, and to be honest, it does make the money. Sales online have been another promoter for these products, larger quantities being sold year after year.

A brand's name is one company's most precious thing, and the respect and reputation gained by Kerastase entitle us to praise this widely known brand by saying: make sure you won't miss the best and buy as soon as you can.