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Kenzo is a Japanese fashion designer, that fell in love for fashion at early age. He got a Degree in fashion design at University of Kobe in 1958. Later on he got his Master Degree from Tokyo Fashion University, which had opened its doors to male students. After that he studied in Paris in 1964. Kenzo started to spread out the word about his talent, by meeting designers and showing them his sketches. In 2000 the lines of skin care products was lunched and in 2001 the lines of perfumes was launched.

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Be Cool, Buy Kenzo

Oriental views of things have been promoted through the entire line of Kenzo's perfumes. Kenzo, one of the most famous fragrance's designers in Asia, and consequently in the entire world, has got lately more modern views, enriching the world of aromas with new and seductive essences. Most of Kenzo's concepts have been designed to improve the looks and altogether the image, skin care products reaching a demand higher than ever in the last few years.

Kenzo Amour is one very special fragrance featuring a note of frangipani mixed with white tea, amber, and musk. Trying to promote innocence and seduction, this very fine fragrance does bring something attractive to everyone wearing it. Kenzo Amour Indian Holi is another fragrance released just a few years ago. It possesses a blend of white tea, pink pepper and heliotrope. Meant to keep the attention on the person wearing it, it is textured just right to provide a long-lasting sex appeal. Kenzo Pour Home has an aquatic taste with notes of rosewood, iris, musk, and sage. Blending such essences does lead to a sweet aroma, enjoyable for most of women and definitely for all men.

Design is a very special characteristic for this line of perfumes as they have the specific oriental orientation. Able to be identified from a distance, any of these fragrances have specific shapes and colors that differentiate them from most of the other perfumes. Raising the standards to higher levels, the process of production in this industry seems to have been metamorphosed into an art. Kenzo proves to be more than just an excellent aroma taster. The artist inside has been revealed by the multitude of shapes and colors unidentifiable with any other.

Found on the shelves, as well as on websites, these wonderful products have known a continuous and tremendous demand. Looks are always important and Kenzo took that in consideration when design was at stake. Higher volume of sales was a direct consequence of the higher demand, and customers rewarding reviews have not been delayed by any unwanted situation. Kenzo is great and this a shared feeling by all of Kenzo's customers.