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Kenra Professional Corporation is located in Indianapolis and it was founded in 1929. Since that time the company has always offered top quality hair care products for the professional market. For more than 5 decades years, Kenra has been inventing and producing hair care goods using only the top quality ingredients. Kenra is a private company,that takes great pride in their approach to doing business. The company constantly is making research and developing their products.

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Kenra, the Way to Treat Your Hair

Just like many of its competitors, Kenra had a very fast ascension to the position it holds today in the market. Rapid ascension is possible just if two things are achieved at the same time. The first one is the special qualities the goods have to have embedded and the second one is the innovation it brings and everything else that comes with it. Kenra had a particular way of developing new products which was reflected by the products released on the market.

Some of Kenra's new solutions and creams have been very well received by the buyers. Nourishing MasqueVolume Mousse Extra is another special product designed for the best, able to provide the hair with first quality care. This is a fixative designed to hold your hair in a certain position and to help you control the shapes and moves of your hair. It also features a special formula getting your hair a nice look with no sticky issues.

As all the other Kenra's products, Volume Mousse Extra has a very original design, suggesting that style and luxury can fit you, no matter who you are. The exquisite design of the jars and cans impresses from the first look. Meant to please the customers, this line of designs has reached its purpose all the way. Design, along with the quality of the products, gives the customers quite an experience and buyers' reviews are more than enough to confirm that.

Kenra, has managed to increase the sales by promoting products in newly shaped, colored bottles and cans. Looks are always important and Kenra has learned to apply this general rule to the entire line of products, reaching the success it was looking for way sooner than expected.