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Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a singer and songwriter and actress from America. She is well-known for her disillusioned and playful personal style and touching lyrics. She has become platinum-selling recording singer. Katy Perry decided to establish her own beauty brand with the launch of her first fragrance, named “Purr”. In collaboration with Gigantic Perfumes, Perry was seriously involved in the development of her signature fragrances lines.

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Katy Perry - The Different Sound of Perfumes

If you don't recall the name, you definitely recall the superb voice of this singer. Recently, Katy Perry managed to create her own line of perfumes that instigate young people to adventure and make the old feel young again. Beautiful and simple, this brand is all about genuine elegance; this refers to scents, color schemes, and even to the way the perfumes are advertised. We loved the simplicity of the products and we were fascinated by the powerful impact of the lines and contours.

Purr is a superb item in all respects: Bulgarian rose, a rare ingredient found in today's perfumes, brings mystery to the adequate level in this fragrance featuring the nature of a feline. In fact Bulgarian roses are known worldwide for their impeccable bouquet and for the intangibility of the scents they render. This definition can be extended to this item, provided that you understand where affirmation ends and secrecy begins. Add orchid, creamy sandalwood, and a symphony of flowery tones, and you get an exquisite product that's fit for the most elegant people out there. Nonetheless powerful, Purr is the essence of joy and it redefines the way we understand the perfumes around us. And if you think this is all about this fascinating product, keep on reading.

Mauve shades, somehow mystical and somehow romantic tend to catch your eyes from the first glance. Then, you will remark the splendid cap, which features the head of a stylized cat staring at you; rest assured the effect is by no means intrusive or disquieting. The eyes made of superbly decorated glass add a new presence in your bathroom and bedroom and you'll soon come to the point where you will consider your new Purr as a pet that needs your love, your affection, and your attention.

Ridiculously cheap, Purr by Katy Perry is affordable irrespective of circumstances. Online offers are as common as sand and you can have it in no time delivered at your front door if you order soon and take advantage of even better discounts and sales. Buy Purr now and you won't regret, as it will modify your personality and will add new levels of ingenuity to your personality.