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Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion designer from Germany, photographer and artist who lives in Paris, France. He has cooperated on art related projects and a variety of fashion. Mainly as leading designer and head creative director for the fashion couture house of Chanel. Lagerfeld represents his own brand fashion house, as well as the Italian house of Fendi. He is also well-known for producing variety of fragrances.

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Perfumes in the German Spirit with Karl Lagerfeld

Known worldwide for his passionate combinations in matter of fashion design, Karl Lagerfeld has become relevant in the field of perfumery ever since he started to advertise fashionable formulas and fabulous fragrances. Driven by a sense of progressive design and always interested in new vibes and tones, Karl Lagerfeld has imparted a sense of joy and a new type of elegance to his perfumes from the very beginning to the day of today. Irrespective of your personal style or preferences or, on the other hand, irrespective of the way you like to accessorize your perfume, these products will offer you plenty of opportunities to assert your personality in the world. And, believe us, this is never an easy thing to achieve, especially in matters of fragrances.

Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld is the essence of orange blossom; lightly accompanied by amber and sandalwood, this exotic flower brings you both the freshness of a different space and the deepness of mystery. Moreover, this specific combination is quite often visible in the creations of this master, as Lagerfeld for him and Sun Moon Star render similar aromas, even though they do it in a different register. The fruity, yet oriental tones of the latter however, revive elements that have fallen into oblivion, like the pursuit of happiness and the hope for the better. It's the musk here the one that truly makes the distinction between reality and possibility, and, from this sole perspective, Sun Moon Star is a masterpiece in a bottle.

Speaking of masterpieces, have a look at the bottles created by Karl Lagerfeld. There are not sufficient notions put into words that can define and properly describe the beauty and the utmost elegance of these jewels. Each and every bottle and box comes with its own texture, materials, color scheme, and, yet, they manage to render such a strong feeling of individuality and identity that they fascinate you in just a few seconds from the first glance.

Considering the quality behind these names, Karl Lagerfeld products are quite accessible in terms of price. If you want to buy them at even better rates, do it online and seek contextual advantages with the use of discounts or special coupons.