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Kanon colognes are well-known colognes for men, that reveals the men's power and strength. The colognes has a woody warm scent, that can bring the relaxation at the same time. In 1968 the first cologne was introduced. Later on the Kanon Norwegian Wood was introduced. Throughout the years the company keep staying close to its traditions and their colognes has the same scent as it was at the beginning.

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Kanøn - Isn't It Good, Norwegian Wood

A relatively young Norwegian brand of fragrances, Kanøn has launched an already consistent portfolio of colognes and perfumes, under the parent company Palm Beach Beaute. What is the best way to describe a Kanøn scent? Most people chose relative terms and associations to describe a particular smell; others feel they should relate aromas with memories, events, or feelings in order to accurately describe it to others; professionals often use precise adjectives that become meaningful only after you actually smell the perfume. We would define Kanøn as a line of woody fragrances.

Two of the most iconic Kanøn fragrances are designed for men: the Kanon cologne and Kanon Norwegian Wood; both these perfumes have been recently reformulated (2010) after older fragrances (1966). The Kanøn evening cologne features oak moss and Virginia cedar, a particularly refined blend of oriental woods and patchouli; the quality of this cologne is to be seen and appreciated only after you all its phases have developed. This is a complex, intricate fragrance you need to discover, to learn, to ascertain slowly; take your time and let it expand, spread out, and develop. Kanøn Norwegian Wood, on the other side, is a casual perfume with a bright opening (citruses and bergamot) and a woody heart (oak moss and sandalwood).

The Kanøn cologne bottles have an identity of their own; the distinct shape of the bottle, with its oversized wooden cap featuring a champagne cork, reminds of an old-fashioned spice grinder ready to release the unique notes of these particularly charming perfumes. The superbly calibrated dialogue between transparency and opaqueness add a particular touch to this bottle that is specific to Northern Europe and, in parts, a sense of cold freedom and exotic exuberance to this aroma.

Most customers who buy Kanøn men's perfumes are men; however, women also buy them as presents. What is the best way to buy a perfume for someone else? Fragrances for him belong in the same categories as feminine perfumes: if he is fond of your usual woody perfume, eau sauvage, or citrus cologne, pick up a fragrance from the same family. Orders placed now may benefit from important discounts.