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Just For Men

Just For Men is the world's number one company that produces hair coloring products for men. The company was established in 1998. Gary May was the founder of the company. Just For Men has a product for men no matter how men want to deal with their gray hair. Just For Men coloring products help men to get rid of all gray hair. The company's products also help men to get rid of gray facial hair. Now the company offers more than 20 hair coloring products.

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Just for Men - Perfect Hair Colors

Just for Men is a brand of hair color products especially designed to match men's specific needs: the product are ammonia-free, the featured colors are gender appropriate, and the dyeing process only takes 10 minutes.

There are four main lines of Just for Men hair dye:

  • Just for Men AutoStop - this ammonia-free, peroxide-free collection is advertised for increased usability: although the shades palette is somewhat limited (light/medium/dark brown, real black/jet black), the products are very easy to use (no mixing, no preparation, just comb in the hair dye and rinse after 10 minutes);
  • Just for Men Haircolor - the collection features a generous palette that incorporates 11 shades ranging from sandy blond to jet black; the products are especially formulated to match the 5 minute dyeing process; unlike ammonia-based hair color products, these kits will only replace grey hair with subtle tones for an astonishing natural effect;
  • Just for Men Mustache & Beard-the collection is based on the same color palette as the Just for Men Haircolor collection; while most hair dyes are not appropriate for coarse facial hair, these brush-in gels are sure to do the job; the products from the Moustache & Beard collection feature increased versatility, being suitable for multiple applications per carton;
  • Just for Men Touch of Gray-the collection is based on a 5 minute action formula and addresses the population of mature men; by using these products, you would still have grey hair, but with a natural, discrete, hint of color; the color palette is very limited, yet it suits most specific needs (light/medium/dark brown-grey and black-gray).

While the cartons of Just for Men Haircolor and Mustache & Beard look a little dated and almost vintage, the packaging solutions of the Touch of Gray collection looks particularly classy, while the AutoStop collection has a rather modern appearance.

Irrespective of your age, you should not hesitate to add these products to your personal grooming belongings. You may find it particularly rewarding to bring some color and youth in your routine with the user-friendly and effective Just for Men hair dye formulas.