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Juicy Couture

It is a modern clothing line of both dressy and casual apparel located in Arleta, Los Angeles, California. The founders of the company are Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamea Skaist-Levy. Juicy Couture is famous for their stylish velour tracksuits and for other trendy clothing and accessories. Juicy Couture's keeps making clothes for women and the company has expanded to include jewelery, cosmetics, purses, and clothing for children. In 2008, the company included a plus-size collection of clothes named "Extra Juicy". In the begging the clothes was sold exclusive in Nordstrom stores, but now it is widely available in other stores.

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Juicy Couture American Glamour

Founded in 1996, the casual and dressy apparel brand Juicy Couture is best known for its velour tracksuits, along with other lines of affordable fashion accessories: bathing suits, shoes, jewelry, socks, diaper bags, dog accessories, kids' accessories, toiletries and perfumes. The Juicy Couture fragrances are made under the umbrella company Elizabeth Arden.

The Juicy Couture fragrance was perhaps the greatest success of the brand; its softer, yet fuller aroma can be purchased as perfume, cream, and body lotion; we recommend that you get the entire set and enjoy the fresh, light, and fruity fragrance even longer. The aura of the Couture Couture Luxury Edition-a punk-rock white floral perfume-reaches out from your skin and surrounds you; this effusiveness is a mark of high quality perfumes. We recommend the opulent floral fragrance of the Eau de Couture-a perfume with a special heart: tuberose, lily, and rose. Peace, Love & Juicy Couture is a cheerful flower-power fruity perfume, while Viva La Juicy Nice Stuff for Nice Girl is a gourmet, sweet, fruity limited edition.

The Juicy Couture signature logo features a heraldic shield bearing three heats and the words "Love G&P", flanked by a couple of highland terriers, a top crown, and a bottom catchphrase: "Made in the Glamorous U.S.A.". The perfume bottles are usually colorful and somewhat rococo, or, better say, with a touch of Venetian decadence, adorned with beads, pendants, and fringes. The bottle of Couture Couture Luxury Edition has been inspired by the Juicy Couture jewelry portfolio: a combination of black and gold, charm pendants, ribbons, and a cocktail ring. The Juicy Couture perfume bottle also features pendants (a chained key and the multiple signature elements of the brand-a heart, a crown, and the pets) and a luxurious combination of metal and pink glass.

Just like taste, our sense of smell is based on a very private process: we consume the molecules that often cause some sort of emotional experience on our behalf as the part of the brain that governs smell is also responsible for a wide range of emotions. The best Juicy Couture customers are young people full of life. Join the lively Juicy Couture world of fragrances to get the real meaning of the American glamour!