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Jovan is a trademark with a rich longstanding history. Jovan has been a perfume's leader since 1972. His famous Musk fragrance remains a best-selling Musk brand in the fragrances distribution. Jovan's early promotion and marketing campaigns became industry touchstones and it became the first-ever fragrance to sponsor a rock band, during the Rolling Stones' 1981 "Tattoo You" Tour.

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A Traditional Way to Success by Jovan

Promoted as one of the first companies in this field, Jovan is noticeably spread all-over the world. Starting in the last decades, Jovan developed year after year new fragrances for men and women, colognes, aftershaves, and so many others, some of them with such a long-lasting life duration, found on the market widely for a long time.

Many of Jovan's products worth mentioning, however, we'll dive into the large number of products and pick just a few. Jovan Black Musk, Jovan White Musk, and Jovan Sex Appeal are some of the most representative products of Jovan's creations. The specific of each flavor and the combinations of exotic and marine scents are present in each one of the fragrances. These are some of the best buys for the regular consumer as they do offer nice combinations of products in so many different sets at very cheap prices. Department stores are the main place where you can purchase the entire range of Jovan's products, as well as online on so many web pages sharing the same profile.

With quality comes quality, and this old saying is confirmed again and again by Jovan. Well sealed packages, able to contain the products and to keep them in good shape is the one and first thing noticeable at a first look. Also, the great number of shapes conceived for the fragrance bottles needs to be mentioned. Crystal-like materials, do give the fragrance the aspect of great and highly expensive products, many of them in different environment being mistakenly taken for first premium perfumes. The offer is so diversified that different sizes (to fit every need and every situation) are found for sale in different packaging, all carrying the mark of Jovan.

With such a long history behind, Jovan does belong to the main group of producers in this sector, with a number of highly satisfied customers and a name that stands for more than just that. Consumers reviews place Jovan among the most admired companies for the past decade, and predictions do tend to place it in the same spot for the near future.