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Joseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud was born in 1950 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Joseph Abboud brand has become an award-winning high fashion clothes. Joseph Abbout has Lebanese background, but he is American. Since he was 16-year-old , he got a part-time job in fashion industry at Louis Boston. Abboud said : "Louis Boston company was a huge part of my career. I really landed in a world of very glamorous style, beautiful clothes, just the world of what international fashion was about”. Abboud designs the privately-owned contemporary sports wear trademark Black & Brown for upscale specialty department store Lord & Taylor.

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A Name to Remember and Love: Joseph Abboud

The intellectual manner in which Joseph Abboud, this Lebanese-born, American fashion designer induced to the products and fashion accessories he created is quite rare in this field considering that there are few similar brands and names on the market today that stress on the importance of culture and elegant eloquence when advertising their products. Joseph Abboud makes a very serious and important distinction between values belonging to the general culture and intellectual values. The former category is for crowds and it should be utilized with great care, whereas the latter is dedicated to the few people who know how and why fashions evolve.

Joseph Abboud by Joseph Abboud is a strong concept that makes you feel confident again from the first wear. Sweet woods, spices, and vetiver define the core of this spectacular aroma that has gained the hearts and souls of so many well-instructed people from all over the world. The citrus comes as a special attraction, even if the heart of this perfume is originally sweet and deep. As such, the effect is emblematic to Abboud, because on the one hand it suggests complexity and density, while on the other hand it explains why some contrasting elements go hand in hand. Recommended as a perfume for casual wear, Joseph Abboud is by all means a fragrance that will turn the heads of women, making them wonder which this fragrance, so intricately elegant and beautiful, is.

In addition to these elements, you should expect a well-calibrated design with tones of amber and gold. As a special addition, salmon tones come to complement the ensemble and to add an air of strange oriental elements, as if we were facing one of the most exotic products in the world. This dialogue between traditional (almost Baroque) materials and futuristic color schemes defines the very nature of Joseph Abboud. Try it for yourself if you want to experience how a purely intellectual perfume looks like and feels.

Buy Joseph Abboud online and pay attention to discounts and other special offers if you want to get it cheap. Please note that scams imitating this product have been registered so make sure you buy from the best to ensure you're purchasing original and genuine products.