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JOOP! is a German fashion and cosmetics company, that was established in 1978. The founder of the company is Wolfgang Joop. The designer added some changes to the name of the brand by capitalizing the letters and by adding the exclamation point at the end. That made the brand more distinguishing from himself. JOOP! introduced its first ready-to-wear clothing line in 1982 and designed menswear line in 1985. Wolfgang Joop resigned the company in 2001, but the company still continued to design clothes. Later on the company has launched the fragrances collection for men and women. The house has been sold to Swiss-based Holy Fashion Group in 2008.

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Learn about Youth with Joop!

Joop! is one of the most interesting and compelling contemporary brands dealing with perfumes, eau de colognes, and fragrances for young adults and teenagers. Its impressive offer, the versatility of each product sold under this name, and the incredibly fascinating aromas are reasons enough to try them, even if you already have one favorite brand. This way you will learn that you can always fall in love again provided that the conditions and your availability are right. Joop! is everything you need and more: it will redefine your tastes, reconfigure your personality, and reinvent every move you intend to do during the next season; in a word, Joop! stands for fashionable and modern perfumes.

Joop! by Joop! is by far the best selling product advertised by this company. The light and intelligent nature of this fragrance instigates to adventure with just a few oriental tones, while traditional ingredients make sure your virility is right in its place. Tobacco, honey, and jasmine reconstruct your spirit and give you reasons to want and look for more in terms of design and metrosexuality. Joop! Go on the other side, will create a mixture of effects and will intimidate your competition and will bring women close, should you intend to look for your half. Mint and pimento offer an explosion of freshness in this otherwise gentle aroma, featuring elements and traces of geranium, orange, and rhubarb. Joop! Jump is the perfect addition for guys who want to go wild with a touch of vodka, heliotrope, and rosemary, while Joop! Spalsh will teach you the deep secrets of the sea and ocean mists.

Take a look at the exceptional bottles Joop! comes packed in if you want to fully understand the meaning and the power of this brand. It's not just impeccable; it's also strong and intuitive and the offer is quite varied so you don't have to worry that you won't find the product of your choice.

Never hesitate to buy Joop! online and locally. It's definitely better to do it online, because it's cheaper. Apart from regular discounts, you can always try to get coupons that will reduce the price of Joop! items even more, for your benefit and financial comfort.