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John Varvatos

John Varvatos is an American contemporary high fashion designer for men. He started his fashion house in late 1999. His debut was at the end of 2000. The clothing collection was representing the high fashion wear. Now the Varvatos fashion house offers belts, purses, shoes, eye wear, limited edition watches, fragrances and luxury skincare products. John Varvatos introduced his first perfume for men, named John Varvatos Classic in the fall of 2004. In 2006, BPI introduced Vintage by John Varvatos, which has similar formula as the classic one.

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New Shapes and the Meaning of Silence with John Varvatos

Out of the many American designers out there, John Varvatos is probably the only one who truly understands the relation between shapes, sounds, and scents and the importance of silence in this relation. Even if it sounds strange, it is synesthesia the very concept behind the products advertised by John Varvatos. Perceptions and feelings intermingle in a rainbow of intricately beautiful emotions and the perfumes have the privilege of creating the exact state of mind you need, with their fabulous insight into your nature. They say these perfumes are for men and men only, but they're wrong: women should also try them and benefit from the incredibly powerful notes associated with these aromas.

Artisan Black is merely a reconfiguration of the way a basic scent should be: strong, sensible, and perceptive, just like a modern guy. Sensuality is driven into this perfectly balanced perfume by deep notes of amber and musk, while the boldness of it is rendered by light and almost transparent flowery notes. John Varvatos Star U.S.A. is created in such a way that it will modify the way you understand the nature of perfumes and their particular influence on women and men, while John Varvatos by John Varvatos is destined to people who like both the opulence of joy and the discreet feeling of a casual look.

The things go even more serious once you take a glance at this fabulous set of bottles and boxes: at first, you'll be amazed by the combination of materials, which is somehow futuristic in nature, and by the uncanny way of displaying both textures and colors. In addition, the rattan used for Artisan Black is purely magnetic in each and every conceivable way.

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