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John Richmond

John Richmond is an English fashion designer, that has located his business in Milan, Italy. In 1960 he was born in Manchester. Later on he moved to London and then eventually he moved to Italy to achieve his dreams. In 1982 he acquired a degree in fashion design from Kingston University. After graduation, right away designed his own clothing collection under his own name, while cooperating with such brands as Joseph Tricot, Emporio Armani and Fiorucci. The trademark, he had made, is also famous for its shimmering perfumes scent, as well as many other skincare products.

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Leather, Black Tones and a Splendid Fragrance from John Richmond

Unlike many other British fashion designers that have started to advertise their own line of fragrances, John Richmond plays with fire: his solutions in this field are so complex that it literally takes a lot of energy, experience, and, professionalism to determine if the solution is suitable to or intuitive enough for the international market. On the other side, it is the privilege of the bold to take the best pieces, and to some extent this is precisely the case of John Richmond: many haute couture houses showed a direct interest in the elaborated perfumes sold by this designer. And here's why:

John Richmond Eau de Parfum for her is a strong and distinctive combination of contrasting ingredients; as such, you will be able to depict notes of citrus and patchouli accompanied by floral and fruity traces. At the same time, sweet woods bring the entire experience to the point where you can't distinguish right between the casual feel of this perfume and the exquisite sophistication of its top notes. In complete opposition, John Richmond by John Richmond has been created having the self-assertive guys in mind. Because of that, each and every detail is calibrated to increase the comfort and confidence of the one who wears it. Neroli, iris palida, and cedar wood are but a few of the highlights displayed by this very masculine, attractive, and powerful scent. It really takes a man to wear it and a true spirit to be able to sustain it in the long and short run.

Should you ever encounter this brand online or locally, pay attention to the elegant lines of the products: textures and soft shades of colors intermingle here in the most definitive way and display such a soft concept that it impresses even the fuzziest men and women out there. You can be as picky as you want; John Richmond will convince you fast and effectively with its light, yet elaborate design.

Buy these products from trustable retailers only: there are some scams on the market, both online and locally, and you can simply avoid them by focusing on design, which is unmistakably beautiful and intricately original.