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Johan B

Johan B is American fragrance company that is located in New York and it was established in 1988. The company's first fragrance was introduced in 1990 and it was named Beaute D'Amour and it was a women's perfume. The scent was very light and sensitive. The latest fragrance was introduced in 2005. It was named Johan Black, after the name of the founder Johan Black. The fragrance has woody and masculine scent. Now the company has more than 10 perfumes in its collection.

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It's either Black or Full of Color - Johan B

Stylistically, there are so many to be said about this rather new brand on the contemporary perfumery market that one can find his words with great difficulty: the spectacular combination of ingredients is so vast and intriguing that it redefines the very notion of wearing a perfume, whereas the superb design solution for both men and women are intricately modern. Featuring special additions and allegedly influenced by a few high-end houses from Europe, Johan B stands for quality, progress, determination, value, class, and superiority.

The symphony is played between two extremes: the light nature of the feminine scents and the passionate and wild spirit of the masculine eau de colognes. Between these extremes, continuously oscillating from one pole to the other, Johan B. fragrances tell their stories and form their identity in ways that will impress every bit of you. Here's Beaute D'Amour, where art meets sophistication: traces of violets, lotus flowers, and patchouli suggest that there's no end to this implicitly beautiful aroma, while rose and amber add fine notes and a new feminine dimension to this ensemble. And here's Johan B Black, a scent destined to the winners and to those who can distinguish between casual and cosmopolitan. Minimalistic deep tones intermingle with intense aromas and passionate secondary bouquets and render a stunning combination of joy, happiness, and power. Wear it during the evening and the women will come to you in a matter of minutes.

Transparent bottles and opaque boxes are the most important elements featured by this brand: colors are the basis of any explosive feminine scent, while subtle shades of grey, black, and red define the strong touch of the masculine eau de colognes. These are fragrances to wear and bottles to show and the very notion of design simply becomes obsolete in front of these spectacular examples of good taste and sophistication.

Considering that you want to buy Johan B. online, you need to know that there are many discounts available every now and then and that coupons and other special offers are equally present for this particular brand. So if you're smart and fast you get to purchase at an incredibly good price one of the best products on the market.