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Samuel Cooper was the founder of the company. The company is established in 1876. It was a family business and Samuel's sons were his partners. Together they were designing underwear for men and women. Later on the company launched the line of fragrances for men and women. Now the company offers more than 10 fragrances in their collection. Their perfumes has light and woody scents and the fragrances are suitable for different events.

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Take Care of Your Hair with Jockey

From among the great list of brands dealing with hair care, Jockey plays a special figure: it is able to create the perfect environment for your hair as far as the chemical and biological balances are concerned. It comes up with a huge reserve for being versatile with your specific type of hair and it also has the immense benefit of bringing out the natural texture of your hair. From all these perspectives, Jockey is a true winner and a brand you shouldn't oversee while browsing for a new solution for your hair and scalp. Be it the volume, the design, the texture, the shine or the structure of it, Jockey will have something relevant to offer and you better take advantage soon because these formulas are new and very effective.

Produced for the young and restless, Mega Hold Finishing Hair Spray is precisely what your hair lacks if you're looking for volume and definite contours. It doesn't leave your hair heavy and you won't feel it on your scalp either. In fact, the balance is so intuitive that you can use it more than once between two washes without suffering from the major disadvantages of such a procedure that usually leads to discomfort and broken hair. If, on the other side, you have colored hair, ProRituals Color Therapy Conditioner will help you better preserve the shine and the original texture if you will use it on a regular basis. Same goes for Color Therapie Shampoo, but the effects are not that obvious, as this is a product you can use every day. And, if you haven't been impressed by now, try Clarifying Shampoo, a superb solution for those who feel their hair heavy and oily all the time.

Easy-grip bottles and sprays are exactly what you will find on the shelves displaying Jockey products. Superb recipients in shades of brown, yellow, and white will make your bathroom look so much joyful and interesting, just like adding an accent wall to it.

Don't hesitate not even for a second and purchase these magnificent products, either individually or in sets if you want to feel and experience for yourself the contemporary trends in the hair care industry with this exceptional brand, Jockey.