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Jingles company was founded in 1988 and it has expanded dramatically since than. The company has become an expert in hair care and hair styling industry. The company offers shampoo and conditioners, glow shine sprays, scalp treatments and hair coloring products. The company opened more than 50 stores all over the world. Now the company has invented and developed more than 100 hair care and treatment products.

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Jingles, the Place Where Innovation Lives

Founded no more than three decades ago, this company has managed to expand much faster than any other in this industry. With a great success achieved among all types of customers, this brand has progressed immensely from its very beginning. Launching more products as time went by, each time a large number of positive feedbacks were received as response. More and more shoppers developed an addiction for this brand as more products were available for all the users.

A much liked product is ProRituals Color Therapy Conditioner. The color and texture of this sublime conditioner are so well preserved that one single look will confirm the high quality of ingredients contained and the highly skilled technique used to obtain it. Leaving the hair smooth and shiny, this conditioner does the job it was conceived for in the best possible way. Repairing the damaged hair it also enhances the health and quality of the hair due to its content of coconut oil. Moisturizing the hair and protecting it from all the unfriendly elements that could cause damages, this product is a must for each one of us. ProRituals Dream Cream Leave In Styling Conditioner is another largely appreciated product released on the market by Jingles. While it moisturizes the hair it also delivers a softened hair with an enhanced, shinier effect.

The tubes and cans used are of high quality as one might notice the difference in material used by this company versus most of its competitors. As shapes do follow a very particular approach, the colors suggest luxury along with high quality. Such packaging is very appreciated by all as they do enhance the value one might attribute to a product.

Retail sales have been increasing ever since the company has released on the market its first products. With a very smart way of distributing their products, Jingles has claimed up to the top of the sellers in this industry. Remarkable results have determined this brand to extend its business online in various environments. Due to the easier access to these products, cheaper prices have been featured, the idea followed being that the more products purchased the lower the price should be.