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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo company focuses on manufacture of fragrances. The company was founded in 1989 by Jimmy Choo. The company is located in China. The Jimmy Choo perfumes exalt women's strength and beauty and it reveals dazzling glitter of femininity. The fragrance Fruity Chypre is the most popular fragrance. It has warm and woody scents. It brings the light and worm atmosphere of confidence and intelligence. It’s a perfume inspired by glamorous women, who is empowered, strong, beautiful, sensual and alluring with a hidden and mysterious scents of confident sexuality.

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Jimmy Choo and the Meaning of Light

Jimmy Choo is an impressively charismatic fashion designer that has managed to change the face of contemporary market by selling various fashion accessories for men and women altogether, and other similar products, such as shoes and handbags. In addition to these collections, the perfumes he created remind us of the not-at-all casual style he is so fond of. On the contrary, each ingredient and, even more importantly, each new combination of ingredients suggests that we're facing an essential name in the recent history of fashion design and perfumery. You'll notice his spirit in every detail, especially in the fine texture of the bottles and in the splendid syntax of the perfume.

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo features very complex combinations of aromas with the sole purpose of putting your personality in the center of attention. Mistakenly taken as eclectic, these features are rather the very notion of today's complexity in what style, manners, fashions, and personal preferences have to say on the topic. Fruits and dry woods create here a sensual and suave explosion of distinctive aromas, which make you stronger and much more confident. Intended as a mysterious fragrance, it is open at the same time; this, however, is only the privilege of the few who understand the importance of contrasts in any quality product. Rose tea and tiger orchid add an exotic spirit to the ensemble and make it even more seductive than it already was.

The box of this perfume, featuring the skin of a crocodile in shades of mauve and silver is perfectly calibrated to the transparent pattern of the glass. In addition, the cubic cap reconfigures the ensemble and suggests values belonging to minimalism and futurism, even if there's nothing else in the design leaning towards such a stylistic area. All in all, this is perfume to display each time you get the opportunity to do so and, certainly, a special attraction in your home.

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