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Jil Sander

Heidemarie Jiline was born on November 27 in 1943 in Germany. She is a fashion designer and the founder of the Jil Sander fashion company. The clothing lines were designed for women, that are conquering executive positions in the beginning of 1980s. The clothes was very conservative, such as cut pantsuit, a slim blouse in beige, gray, blue, white or black colors. In 1978 Sander has launched her first perfume. In the alliance with Lancaster Cosmetics she became a redactor of glamorous magazines on a large scale for her fashion. More perfumes were added to the cosmetics line in the later 1990s.

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Jil Sander - Fashion Design in Small and Elegant Bottles

You should expect a great deal from this German fashion designer: the intensity of the collections she presented over the years is unmatched in Europe, while the elegance of her design solutions is only equaled by her excellent intuition in combining contrasting elements only to create superb blends of colors and shapes. Similarly, the perfumes advertised under this name render a sense of syntactic beauty, just like a set of perfectly complementing items would do. And, from many perspectives, this is precisely the case: these fragrances complement one another in ways that weren't possible or even conceivable before. In a few word, Jil Sander stands for quality, style, and brilliant perfume solutions.

Scent79 is probably the best-known fragrance on the market today bearing the name of Jill Sander. Intuitive, yet plain, this variety refines your sensuality and redefines notions like complexity and intricacy. With a powerful heart of musk, caramel, and leather, this aroma was specifically created for her, for special evenings or for nights out. If accessorized correctly with soft fabrics and simple color schemes, Scent79 will make the kings knee and the queens approve. Sander, in a different register, was created for guys with a keen sense of sports and with an active and busy life. Between these two extremes, Jil Sander tells her story; and, you must believe us, she does it well.

Acclaimed worldwide for her simple and suggestive design solutions, Jil Sander leaves no detail behind when it comes to the appearance of the bottles and boxes advertised under her name. Red, white, black, and pure transparency form a complicated dialogue that manages to show both the delicacy of a woman and the powerful spirit of a man. Intangible and full of spirit, these items are dedicated to those who know how to choose between a beautiful color scheme and a poorly chosen texture.

Buy Jil Sander online if you want to see better prices and offers; such an action is recommended irrespective of your location or of your personal tastes, because it reduces the costs whilst offering you comfort and many significant advantages.