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Jessica Simpson

She is an American actress, singer and fashion designer whose career began in 1999. Jessica Simpson lunched her first fragrance, named Jessica Simpson Dessert in 2004. Her partner was Randi Shinder. Together they designed a collection of edible fragrances, make up, such as lip glosses and other beauty lines under the Dessert Beauty trademark. A similar line called Dessert Treats started in the following year in February, 2005. The new collection was targeted at a much younger audience. Simpson also invented the Jessica Simpson Line in which she designs and markets a collection of ladies purses and mainly high-heels boots and shoes.

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Jessica Simpson and Her Fabulous Fragrances

Right from the beginning, Jessica Simpson proved a very creative manner of displaying new fragrances and impeccable design solutions for the perfumes bearing her name. The combination is rather rare and it can be spectacular, at least to some degree, to anyone who does have the means of determining the roots and the tradition behind this blend. As such, Jessica Simpson perfumes include fine ingredients, with a very flexible and permissive structure and with a peculiar way of making themselves visible in the final formula.

Fancy is the perfect example of a perfume featuring both American ingredients and oriental aromas: notes of apricot and pear intermingle with fascinating sandalwood and caramel elements, only to render a powerful and mystical combination that will generate so much mystery and ambivalence around you. This is also the case of I Fancy You, a perfume for the ladies who want to draw attention to themselves and to the very nature of their style. Fancy Nights on the other hand, brings new levels of infinite finesse right in the middle of a market flooded by oriental notes: its Egyptian and Indonesian traces leave a spectacular impression of exotic elements and incredibly attractive ingredients, such as the Egyptian papyrus.

The Baroque touch of this collection is continuously aggressed by a sense of joy and by a traditional American style. Excellence is obvious in every detail here, be it the intense colors of the boxes, the light, yet suggestive transparency of the bottles, or the glowing luminescence of the caps. In addition, arabesques populate the paper of the boxes as a symbol of richness and value, while the fonts render an allusion to the Romantic oeuvres of the 19th century. In each and every situation, the eclectic and powerful combinations featured by these varieties leave a strong feeling of elegance and distinction.

Jessica Simpson is dedicated to offering the best of the best in terms of perfumes and eau de colognes; as such, you should buy such varieties for you and for the ones you love and you should do it online to benefit from excellent discounts and special offers that will influence the state of your budget for the months to come.