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Jessica McClintock

Jessica Gagnon McClintock company was founded by Jessica McClintock. She is also the President and CEO of the company. The company is located in San Francisco, California. Jessica's career was professional teacher. But she decided that fashion is her calling. In 1969 she bought the Gunne Sax clothing company. Later on the company name was changed to Jessica McClintock, Inc. Now the company sells a wide variety of items for consumers, including clothing, accessories, bridal wear, eyeglasses and home decor goods.

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Jessica McClintock - Finesse in the American Way

Ever since her debut in the field of home accessories and perfumes, Jessica McClintock managed to create a very solid identity and a brand with a strong and distinctive image. This is partly due to the way she managed to justify the need for special insertions in the design of the bottles and boxes accompanying the fragrances she created and partly due to the unpredictable way of using exotic ingredients in otherwise classic formulas. As such, irrespective of your style or themes of preference, Jessica McClintock will always have something interesting to offer and will influence your tastes as well as your wellbeing; try them for yourself and you'll soon fall in love with her finesse, decency, and discreet spirit.

Light and not at all casual, Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock is the best example of such a perfume. It features an impressive blend of ingredients: bergamot, rose, and lily form the heart of the fragrance; against them, white jasmine and basil form a separate identity that add freshness and joy, while the top notes of cassis and ylang ylang complement the ensemble. The spectacular symphony of scents is thus very difficult to attain by other similar brands, especially because Jessica McClintock has a way of her own when it comes to the blending and proportioning of these ingredients. It's only a formula, but the secrets hidden behind it are innumerable.

Remark the fine and delicate way in which Jessica McClintock manages to play with a few shades of cream and white in this elegant bottle of perfume. Fonts and false inscriptions render a Baroque air, even if the texture and the materials used suggest rather a modern and contemporary look. From this perspective, Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock is eclectic in nature, even if some would say it qualifies for the top products belonging to the American A&C style and manner.

Purchase Jessica McClintock locally or try buying this perfume online. The benefits of the second option are obvious when you think of the discounts you get if you become a repeat customer to an important online seller. However, regardless of the way you do it, don't miss this fabulous fragrance for anything in the world.