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Jennifer Lopez

American singer, actress, record producer, dancer, fashion designer, television personality and television producer., Jennifer Lopez lunched perfume lines with her fragrance "Glow by J.Lo". Jennifer Lopez launched another perfume called "Still" in October 2003. That perfume was in limited edition of spin-off. Another perfume was named "Miami Glow by J.Lo" , like her hometown in Miami, Florida. Lopez also marketed a "Glow" collection of body lotions and bronzing sprays. She introduced another fragrance, named "Live by Jennifer Lopez" during the Christmas season of 2005.

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Go Wild with Jennifer Lopez Perfumes

For those acquainted to the recent history of perfumery, Jennifer Lopez is not a new name. On the contrary, she has managed to come up with a few very interesting solutions in special niches other brands ignore. This includes, but it is not limited to: the type of transparency used for the bottles and caps; the introduction of unusual ingredients; and the questionable nature of the perfumes in terms of gender identity. As such, you will hardly find more versatility than you will see here. In a few words, this means that the flexible way of acting and singing of the J. Lo we all know has somehow passed into the very nature of these perfumes.

Ever since 2005, Live has been available online and locally and many young women and teenagers have bought it on a regular basis. The caramel and Sicilian lemon effects are set against pineapple and red currant with dismissive and very powerful effects for those around you. Blue Glow on the other hand creates a very special type of mystery, by blending together ingredients traditionally associated to the idea of light (such as flowers, lily, and vanilla) with ingredients used for evening fragrances (mangosteen, mahogany, and tonka bean); the effect is extremely violent and interesting, thus making this variety perfect for ladies who are looking for a twist in their lives. Deseo uses red berries, yuzu, and cedar traces to influence your personality and to reveal features you weren’t aware of before.

The design of these bottles is definitely worth mentioning: the rock-like shape of Deseo, the strange algorithm of Sunkissed Glow which associated red and green in a completely new fashion, the light insertions of accessories on the bluish bottle of Blue Glow, and the symphony of shades in Live is all what it takes to make Jennifer Lopez a master in this field. Sensual and smart, powerful and impressively suggestive, this collection is dedicated to those who have no fear in wearing futuristic combinations on a regular basis.

Buy Jennifer Lopez perfumes online and take advantage of fabulous discounts; this is not at all something to ignore, as you can literally have an impressive number of J. Lo perfumes with very little money indeed.