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Jean Paul Gaultier

He is a haute couture fashion designer from France. He is also a fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier is known for a well-known line of fragrances. His first perfume, named Classique, is oriented for women that likes flora scents. It was launched in 1993. Two years later Le Mãle perfume for men was introduced. Both perfumes were highly successful. The number-one men's fragrance in the European Union based on sales is Le Mãle. Also it retain strong market position in the United States and Australia.

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Haute Couture and the Meaning of Style with Jean Paul Gaultier

One of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Jean Paul Gaultier has managed to make an identity of its own by creating fascinating oeuvres d'art in his salon in France. Implicitly, in the field of perfumery, he has continuously reinvented himself, by adding either a new dimension to the idea of elegance or various new concepts to the basic formulas of the perfumes. Thus, varieties sold under his name bear the sign of the few, an ineffable element that can't be ever fully caught in words.

Take Classique, for instance: amber and vanilla create the basic sense of tradition and experience, while the insertion of spices brings an air of novelty and unpredictability to this otherwise calm and gentle aroma. Classique red for her, in a different register, reinvents the alluring sense of amber with a few additions like that of sweet wood and flowers. An interesting variety is Madame Rose N Roll, which displays grenadine and rose petal notes as central elements. Finally, Le Male redefines virility with its intense and intrusive air and with its fresh touch of masculinity and youth.

To better comprehend the very nature of the design advertised by Jean Paul Gaultier, you need to be well versed in the history of design, or, at least, to have a good grasp of the way manners and fashions evolved in the second part of the 20th century. Various colors and shapes, a lot of Baroque spirit, plenty of textures and pop culture elements are all brought together into this symphony of colors and style. Choose carefully, according to your tastes and to your style and make sure you take the design into account when you buy Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, because this is one of the very few situations when the lines of the bottle and the shades of the box suggest the nature of the fragrance inside.

Moderately-priced, Jean Paul Gaultier aromas are at your grasp if you order them online. The sooner you do it, the cheaper they are, because new formulas come in often and the old ones become expensive due to the high demand on the market today.