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Jean Patou

Jean Patou is an American fashion designer, that designs clothes mostly for rich American women. Jean Patou has launched his perfume lines, which remains well known even today. The most known of Patou's fragrances are "Joy", that has strong floral scent, based on the most precious rose, tulips and jasmine. Second popular fragrance, that remains the priciest perfume in the world is "1000". It has heavy floral scent and its top note is rare osmanthus. The company has developed more than 7 luxury fragrances, that are oriented for rich audience.

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Jean Patou - A Rainbow of Fragrances

Jean Patou belongs to the few creators and perfumers who understand the importance of blending two arts into one; as such, his creations are nothing but pure combinations of fragrances and color. The effect is stunning and the experience of even smelling such a splendid perfume (let alone wearing one) is incredible in itself. Colors and scents intermingle in a ludicrous manner and form a pure symphony of joy and determination. This is why Jean Patou is dedicated to youth: to young women and men, to elegant teenagers, and to young ladies who like to make a difference in the circles they socialize in.

Paname De Patou is a delicate fragrance, superbly calibrated to instigate to love and passion. In order to make room to the scent, the colors have been moved on the box and the glass has been left transparent. Sensual and suave, Paname De Patou is designed to reach to the most demanding man out there. Joy on the other hand brings in a new spirit and a new way of interpreting happiness. Iris and jasmine have been used here as top notes, while sweet pear and rose complement the bouquet. Finally, Sublime teaches you about style and distinction with just a few hints of vanilla and musk.

The real dialogue becomes visible once you start to perceive Jean Patou perfumes as a whole, that is as a collection with various attractions. The shades of crimson red, deep, almost oceanic blue and transparent amber render special effects you shouldn't ignore, while the superb lines of the bottles and cap are equally elegant and powerful. Bottles, on the other side, are well cut either in round shapes or in fine, angular volumes. Add the nice looking boxes and you get one of the most intriguing collection on the market today, be it in the USA, in Europe, or worldwide.

Well-priced and featuring great shipping solutions, Jean Patou fragrances should be bought online in large quantities both for personal use and as gifts. Discounts and cut prices are always there to help you decide in favor of these superb varieties, even if it is really difficult to choose but a few of them at a time.