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Jean Louis Vermeil

Jean Louis Vermeil is a professional perfumer, that had always dreamed of his own company. In 1980 he obtained a degree in business and decided to open his own perfume company. His talent and fantasy made his products very popular. His first perfume was launched in 1995 and it has woody and light scent. The latest perfume was launched in 2005 and it has light and fruity scent. Now there are more than 10 fragrances in Jean Louis Vermeil collection, that are suitable for any occasion.

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Jean Louis Vermeil and the Perfection of White

Some brands reach perfection is a very narrow, yet relevant, slice of a particular niche; it is the case of Jean Louis Vermeil, who is dedicated to influence the coming trends for the following seasons with a thorough reinterpretation of the meaning of white and its particular connotations. Thus, elements like purity, style, minimalism, and joy are quite commonly associated to the varieties sold under this name, even if, to some extent, the formulas used are too complicated to be able to cover a simple list of words. Nonetheless complex, Jean Louis Vermeil is the master of chromatic minimalism and one of the most interesting creators when it comes to the nature of white and its possible significance.

Vermeil White is not a perfume; it's a symbol of how a true fragrance should be advertised, irrespective of brand, geographical origin, style, personal preference, or personal intuition. The bouquet is both deep and casual, with a very keen understanding of the airy feeling a perfume should render. At the same time, the almost sweet sensation you get after you use it for a couple of times is so intense (and, yet, so incredibly discreet and allusive) that it makes you see your personality in a completely different manner. And if this wasn't enough, you should know that Casaque and Vermeil by Jean Louis Vermeil are equally interesting in tones and notes.

The marbled texture of Vermeil White features a delicate and powerful sense of the way a fragrance for her should look like; nonetheless creative and subtle, it raises the standards in contemporary design and it creates a dilemma for the competition: how can we even conceive a new fragrance designed to match the tastes of those who love minimalist bottles and boxes if this one already exists? Or take a look at Casaque and try to recreate the perfect asymmetry of the design as displayed on the box: it's not just complicated, it's almost impossible.

Even so, the price of Jean Louis Vermeil perfumes is quite moderate as opposed to similar products you can buy online. Try to find a good retailer and you'll get an even better price to help you keep your budget safe now and for the months to come.