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Jean Louis Scherrer

In 1936 Jean Louis Scherrer was born. He entered the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne to obtain the degree fashion studies. He used to work as an assistant to Christian Dior and over there he learned how to cut and drape alongside a young Yves Saint Laurent. He worked for Yves Saint Laurent more than 2 years. His first ready-to-wear collection was launched to Japanese market and had immediate success. Still widely popular in Japan there now remains not less than 13 shops in that country. The Scherrer House' first fragrance, called Jean Louis Scherrere, was launched in 1979.

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Jean Louis Scherrer - The One and Only

With a sense of natural drive and incredibly perceptive intuition of how fashions evolve, Jean Louis Scherrer has managed to force the international market and find there a place of his own. The brand featuring his name is special in every way and reflects the idea that elegance is an everlasting feeling, more than it is a choice or a particular style. This is the main reason why Jean Louis Scherrer advertises just a few brands and, implicitly, why the fragrances associated to this name have rendered such hysteria from the first variety till today.

Nuits De Scherrer has been available for sale ever since 1994, when it was first introduced as a spectacular new fragrance with a sense, an air, and a style of its own. Featuring mystery with the use of sweet vanilla and musk, this is definitely a scent for her with everything that this thing means: opulent bouquet, secrecy, and a lot of joy, especially due to the light flowery touch that can be perceived at the end of the perfume. In a completely different register, S De Scherrer offers plenty of color and dedication with its rather eclectic blend of magnolia, tiare flower, and tuberose. Rest assured you'll fall in love with the depths of this fragrance, as few are so incredibly light in nature and, simultaneously, as deep as this variety.

Trying to determine the precise line of interest when it comes to the design of Jean Louis Scherrer perfumes, you get to think of notions or concepts like serenity, night, transparence, and ubiquity. The vertical shapes of the perfumes are erected in such a manner that they still manage to suggest a sense of feminine design, even if the basic shape is better suited for men. However, it's the color scheme the one that generates such a complex understanding of style and such an incredibly beautiful set of fragrances.

Buying Jean Louis Scherrer perfumes is not difficult at all if you're doing it online; if you care for your budget, discounts are better when received over the web and Jean Louis Scherrer qualifies so often to such reductions that you can get one easily without any hassle.