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Jean Desprez

Jean Desprez established his own company in 1998. He launched his first fragrance that retains the “sexy allure”of the past. The new Jean Desprez fragrance were designed to penetrate the psyche, arouse the senses, and seduce and bring the temptation. The fragrances contain the components that activate a different signal each time it is applied, and is part of a new fragrance system that will keep the aroma new and relevant for years to come.

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French Neoclassicism with Jean Desprez Perfumes

Jean Desprez was an important French painter and decorator belonging to the neoclassic era; implicitly, the entire range of products sold under his name bear the same interest in concepts like: equilibrium; complementary extremes; the importance of tradition; and the relevance of personal style. However, apart from the design that features the works of this painter, you should expect up-to-date fragrances and very complex contemporary formulas. Whichever the context may be, Jean Desprez perfumes instigate a sense of cult elegance and a meaning of intellectuality, which is difficult to attain otherwise.

Bal à Versailles is definitely the most intriguing fragrance advertised by this brand. Nothing is casual in the sweet touch of orange flowers, yet nothing suggests snobbism. In fact, the bouquet renders gentle and very elegant notes of spices that fit in perfectly when combined with flowery aromas and tones. The idea behind this concept is that no ingredient should be superfluous if you want the final formula sophisticated and distinct from other similar products on the market.

Jean Desprez perfumes display a very keen sense of style: the curves defining the bottles, the light nature of the semi-transparent caps, and the very notion of introducing classic shades of amber as elements of design are all original and well balanced. Bearing on the front images of the paintings created by Jean Desprez, these varieties teach you how true finesse looks like. It is difficult to wear such a perfume on a regular basis and you should definitely keep them for special occasions, parties, or social gatherings, because the elaboration of the perfume is suitable for such circles. Actually, you'll be aware of this aspect right from the first use, when you'll understand that, just like a painter mixes pigments to create superb paintings, finding the right bouquet is an art in itself that requires a lot of dedication, inspiration, and work.

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