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Jean Couturier

Jean Pascal is a fashion designer from Columbia, who established his fashion house in 1977. He launched his first perfume collection in collaboration with designer Jean Pascal in 2002. He offers more than 3 fragrances in his designer collection. In 2005 the latest fragrance was launched.

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Jean Coutier and the Meaning of Floral Fragrances

Present on many shelves in supermarkets, this brand has made quite a reputation due to the thorough interpretation of the way flowers can be integrated in contemporary perfumes. This includes, but it is not reduced to exotic ingredients, special aromas, and plants that were once into the light and now have fallen into oblivion. From this perspective, Jean Coutier is a master of the reintegration and revival of old fragrances in ways that make them look young and fresh again. Moreover, it's precisely this freshness and pure sparkle the one that attracts thousands of customers year after year.

To give you one example, Coriander is a full-flavored scent advertised by Jean Coutier ever since 1977. The longevity of this aroma is due to its incredible popularity and to the fact that, more often than not, it inspires different things to different people. Intended for her, this spectacular blend encompasses various traces of rose, orange blossom, and coriander, together with elements of lily, vetiver, and oak moss. The complexity of the bouquet is given by the sheer and elegant integration of patchouli and geranium, while jasmine complements the entire fragrance, attaining levels of mystery never experienced before.

Baroque and somehow dismissive, the design of Jean Coutier perfumes suggests two notions of the same time: complexity and subtlety. The complexity is given by the sum of golden details on the box and also by the textured nature of the cap, whereas the clean lines of the bottle and the suggestive silhouette of the glass are subtle and intriguing. If you want to buy something completely new for your senses and for your eyes, Coriander is the perfect choice, as there are few similar products on the market that look as well on a shelf as Coriander does.

Purchasing perfumes from Jean Coutier is easy if you do it online from important and relevant online retailers. Identify the one that matches your needs in terms of price, geographical location, and availability of products and place your order soon to benefit from special reductions and cut prices. It's easy, fast, and very effective, irrespective of your location and preferences.