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Jean Charles Brosseau

Jean-Charles Brosseau was a graduate of the High Fashion school in Paris. In 1955 he designed his own brand and established his fashion House. In 1981, he launched his first fragrance, called "Ombre Rose". Fast, the perfume became a bestsellers in France, the Middle- East and America. Thus "Ombre Rose" is part of the luxury sections of fragrances that Roja Dove has chosen to bring into the elite "Haute Parfumerie", that was launched at Harrods in London.

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Continental Aromas with Jean Charles Brosseau

Every now and then a new brand from Europe becomes relevant at an international level; it is generally the case of very complex aromas advertised by houses that have a solid tradition in this field. Jean Charles Brosseau was in the center of attention for more than five times in the past half a century. Continuously reinventing itself, this brand impressed its competition with marvelous scents and intriguing ingredients. At the same time, the design of the products sold under this umbrella has always influenced trends, ever since its first launch back in 1955.

Ombre Rose suggests directly from the core of its name that we're dealing with a discreet and mysterious aroma. Rose wood, geranium, and cedar wood are refined here with a touch of musk and vanilla in order to increase the sensation of a feminine fragrance and to redefine your personality. Ombre Rose Cologne on the other side uses a similar formula, but the impression of oriental flowers is much more vivid; as such, this perfume is suitable for daytime and perfectly calibrated for business meetings of lunches out. This game of fortune and instability between the secrecy of night and the openness of day is the very dialogue advertised today by Jean Charles Brosseau.

Once you've seen these varieties, you'll remember the fonts forever. The light silhouette of a ballerina pales near the elegant contours of these letters. Superbly finished in every detail, they elaborate a completely new theme that speaks of the elegance of simplicity and the distinction of romanticism. In a different register, the chromatic insertions of gold and black create a secondary dialogue between the fonts and the textured boxes and bottles, thus impressing you in every way possible from the minute you see them to the second you touch them; and isn't that precisely what an elegant woman does?

Buy Jean Charles Brosseau perfumes online if you care for your budget and if you're interested in special promotions, discounts, and coupons. Every time you'll wear these beauties you'll feel the queen of the night as if nothing else would matter but the way your style becomes visible through the traces these fragrances leave behind them.