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Jacques Fath

Jacques Edvard is a company brand of fragrances that belongs to the company Paris Bleu Perfumes. Designer Jacques Evard offers more than 5 fragrances in his fragrance collection. The earliest perfume was launched in 1993 and the latest fragrance was launched in 2006.

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An Essence for the Months to Come: Jacques Fath

Jacques Fath is not particularly well known at an international scale, even though most of the fragrances advertised by this house are better than their counterparts that have become visible internationally. This is why it is important to do a bit of a research before purchasing a specific fragrance from this company; this way, you will be able to better determine your aroma of preference and to better understand how to reflect your spirit in the product you choose. Before purchasing however, remember that it is your personality and spirit the ones you need to focus on, and not a particular fragrance that is said to be in fashion at a certain point in time. Trends come and go, but your spirit remains just as vivid and important as it used to be and Jacques Fath makes sure they come with the right combination for you.

Black currant and plum, this is what Fath De Fath has to offer for this season; cassia, peach and bergamot complement the ensemble, suggesting a bouquet that is both fabulous in depth and arrogant in distinction and finesse. Green Water, on the other side, brings tangerine aromas, jasmine, and citrus to a different level of elegance and style, all packed up in a superb transparent bottle featuring turquoise shades. Jacques Fath Pour l'Homme is much more classical in appearance, considering that it uses musk, spices, and amber to create a masculine look to a perfume that is otherwise subtle and gentle.

Jacques Fath comes up with a number of interesting solutions with regard to contemporary design: on the one hand, the products look classic, almost structural; on the other hand, light insertions (such as a new shade of color, or a detail, or a texture) bring an air of futuristic joy that enlighten the spirit and ease up the heart.

In general, Jacques Fath perfumes are available both online and in local stores. However, it's better if you purchase these products online, because it's cheaper and you can have them in no time, no fuss involved. Do this, and you won't regret, as it spares you from a lot of trouble and time wasted in supermarkets.