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Jacques Bogart

Jacques Bogart company was established in 1975 in France. The name of the founder is Jacques Konckier. The clothes was designed for men, under the name Jacques Bogart company. In 1982 the company opened a minor branch in the U.S. named Fragrance du Monde. In 1983 it acquired the license from L'Oreal to Ted Lapidus. Konckier redesigned and completely rebuilt the Ladipus brand, forming Creation de Ted Ladipus for women. In 1986 the company got the license to another well-known brand name, Balenciaga, and began releasing fragrances under this name as well.

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Continental History in a Couple of Elegant Bottles: Jacques Bogart

The fine name of this brand should be associated to elegant outfits for men, as those advertised in the Unites States in the past three decades. However, Jacques Bogart is much more than that: in the field of contemporary perfumes, they display a complex combination of joyful aromas and serious scents in order to cover up the entire range of possibilities and, implicitly, any taste you might have with regard to perfumes. The trick here is that Jacques Bogart manages to reach to such an extensive sum of possible customers with very few, yet very effective formulas. Read on to see how they do it and what are the benefits of purchasing them for your own personal experience.

Bogart Pour Homme is a spectacular aroma in every way: it redefines the very notion of deepness as used in perfumery, that is it manages to affect in one single move the essence of the heart and the light elements that define the top notes of this enigmatic aroma: amber and moss tend are used with great predilection here, but in unknown, inimitable proportions with fascinating effects: the fragrance seems mysterious and open at the same time, thus being preferred by thousands of people in the entire world. One Man Show on the other side displays fabulous traces of moss, tobacco and dry woods. The element of surprise here is given by the arid notes that counteract the sweetness of the ingredients mentioned above. In a word: the more you try to understand this perfume, the more you miss it and the more you try to forget about it, the more revelatory it becomes.

Fluid bottles and angular boxes refresh the way you understand contemporary design: Jacques Bogart is exceptional in terms of defining new lines of elegance in the narrow niche of contemporary perfumes, but it also rediscovers the classic notes of a casual fragrance by investigating norms and rules that have been forgotten in the past twenty years.

Buy Jacques Bogart if you want to establish yourself as a relevant presence among your friends. Do it online, and earn more by ordering larger quantities at better, more affordable prices. It's actually, easy, it's fast, and extremely beneficial for you in the long run.