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Two authentic lovers of Art, Design and Music, French designer Gerard Courtin and American designer James Kaplan created the fashion brand "Jacomo". This brand is very popular among teenagers for its shimmering formula perfumes, which are suitable for any types of occasions.

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Jacomo and the Ages of Perfumery

This otherwise young brand has managed to modify the perception of age by advertising a very interesting set of products destined to young men and women all across the globe. Jacomo is synonym to playing the serious guy or gal while everything you have in your arsenal consists of your spirit and youth. In other words, this is the perfect brand for teenagers who want to take up a more mature and responsible attitude. Subtle and fragile, powerful and determined, the fragrances bearing this name are superb examples of products that shift your personality from one age to another.

Take Aura, for example: the combination of carnations, cedar, and vanilla is just what it takes for a girl to become a lady, especially if it is adequately accessorized with a serious outfit. Jacomo de Jacomo Deep Blue on the other side is the solution for guy who trust themselves enough as to try to reach to the next level: nutmeg, coffee, and chili pepper reformulate the idea of youth and instigate your spirit to dream for more. Finally, Silences teaches you the secrets of not showing your personality completely, by infusing your spirit with a mysterious blend of hyacinth, oak moss, and bergamot. Add the lemon and the orange blossom and you get the perfect formula for a distinguished and fine perfume.

Simplicity is the word of order when it comes to Jacomo perfumes. Internationally recognized as a brand with complex formulas, Jacomo shows no interest whatsoever in displaying this thing in the nature of the boxes and bottles. On the contrary, it leaves them simple and straightforward, thus suggesting that the elements that truly make a difference are inside the bottles and not outside them. Even so, memorable color schemes show off a very advanced understanding of the way fashions, manners, and styles evolve from one year to another. This includes monochromes in the background and plenty of colors in the front.

Jacomo perfumes are definitely worth having, provided that you buy online and you order more than one variety at a certain point. The whole idea is that larger orders bring you benefits that are untouchable otherwise and you can take advantage of serious discounts by purchasing more in the first place.