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J. Del Pozo

Jesus Del Pozo is a fashion designer from Spain, who was born in Madrid in 1946. He opened his first boutique in 1974. Del Pozo started his career at the same time as Spain was beginning to transition from the totalitarianism of Franco to democracy. Designer Jesus Del Pozo offers more than 21 fragrances in his collection. The earliest perfume was launched in 1992 and the latest perfume was launched in 2012. Jesus Del Pozo perfumes were created in cooperation with perfumers such as Marie Salamagne, Pierre Wargnye, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp.

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Jesús del Pozo - Perfumes with Distinct Silhouettes

If you're not acquainted with the fashion creations of the Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo, the peculiar shapes of the bottles advertised under his name may seem strange at a first glance. However, the light silhouettes and the sheer contours of the dresses he drew for more than thirty years somehow pass into the fine cuts of the bottles. It's more than an impression, because at some point the shapes and volumes of the perfume bottles simply mimic those of the dresses. From this perspective, Jesús del Pozo proves a very specific thing, that is one can influence two niches at the same time using but one single style.

Fragrances are both insinuating and light. Halloween displays floral aromas, iris, and lime blossom with a hint of lavender; Esencia de Duende is a dialogue between sweet fruits and fascinating flowers; Halloween Kiss Sexy brings freesia and peony into light again, while adding a trace of cyclamen to the ensemble; and Quasar reconfigures the way you were used to perceive moss, lavender, and banana peel. As you can easily see, all these aromas are but a small part of the great offer brought to you by JP. Don't underestimate the power of these fragrances and never undervalue them, as such beauties are hard to be found on today's market.

For instance, Esencia de Duende reconstructs the lines that made JP famous in the entire world: the unique shape of the cap is particularly interesting, but, to some extent, so is the bottle. What it lacks in grandeur it equals in finesse and delicacy to the point where it becomes a remarkable exponent of contemporary design. In a completely different register, Quasar has made history, due to the incredible shape of the bottle and to the inconspicuous shades of green. At the same time, J Del Pozo in Black restructures notions like futurism, minimalism, and simplicity.

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