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The name "Ivory" is being referred to a series of products manufactured by the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). The company's lines include varieties of a white and mildly scented soaps , that became popular for its pure content and for its ability to float in water. Over the years, the bar soap has been developing into other varieties. P&G research was launch in 1992 to reveal the other ways to create similar products to original one, that do not sink in t he water and would not dissolve too fast. New varieties of Ivory soap contain glycerin, that do not dehydrate the skin and do not float as well. In October 2001, P&G tested the sinking bar soap as part of an promotion campaign to see people's reaction and if they would notice the sinking bars, even if they will be rewarded.

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Reinvent the Comfort of Your Skin with Ivory

In the area of contemporary brands selling soaps, Ivory is special and unusual at the same time. On the one hand, the quality of the formulas is excellent: special ingredients are used to ensure a smooth and healthy skin that is hydrated in depth; on the other hand, each type or variety advertised by Ivory comes up with something new and compelling, be it a particular ingredient, like lavender, or an addition to the original formula. As such, you can't mistake when you purchase these products because the key element that defines this brand is unity in diversity. If you already know these products, you can simply buy newly featured items to broaden your horizons in the field.

For example, try Simply Aloe Bath Bar to learn more about the secrets of this divine plant and its benefits for the structural elements of your skin. After removing the excessive oils and dirt, it cleanses your skin in depth and ensures that your pores stay unclogged and healthy. Or see for yourself the effects of the original formula with Simply Ivory Bath Bar, an intricately beautiful soap that will make you fall in love with its scent and efficiency. Finally, try Simply Lavender Body Wash to surround yourself with a splendid scent and to make your skin feel like that of a baby again.

We specifically liked the design and packaging of the products sold by this brand. It's casual without suggesting low quality, yet it's something very firm and almost pharmaceutical associated to them. You should definitely factor these elements when you decide to buy Ivory soaps and body washes because the intuitive shape of the bars and the good grip of the bottles will offer a type of comfort you haven't been used to before. At the same time, color schemes featuring ivory (naturally), blue, and green bring a sense of freshness and joy in your house.

Try to order such products online if you want to gain from excellent prices and discounts. Ivory soaps are very well priced and you can have them in your home regularly provided that you take the time to place regular orders online.