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Issey Miyake

The popular Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake introduced his first fragrance in 1992. The fragrance was named L'eau d'Issey. Another cologne for men was launched in 1994 and it was named L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme. Antoher one was launched in 2007 and it was named L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense for men. Issey Miyake is known by his spirit and harmony for life. Issey Miyake Parfums express his perception on the world, his inner intention for balance. His minimalist view of combining one’s spirit with the environment exalts in his creation of modern, alluring fragrances.

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Technology and Innovation with Designer Issey Miyake

Have you had enough with traditional European or American brands and with their particular way of interpreting scents and fragrances? Then you should definitely try Issey Miyake perfumes and special accessories. This brand is the creation of the Japanese fashion designer who changed the face of Japanese fashion in the past few decades. Focused on elegance, technology, futuristic concepts, and structural design, he has managed to modify the very foundation of fashion art as it was conceived in country that has hundreds of years of tradition in this particular niche. Similarly, the perfumes sold under his name bear the distinction of novelty and the arrogance of any purely groundbreaking product.

Stylish to the point where they become untouchable, the perfumes are excellent combinations of syntactic design, transparency, and complex bouquets. Try L'eau D'issey Intense for a full sensation of joy and happiness, associated to youth, elegance, and cheerfulness. The saffron, the nutmeg, and the mandarin will convince you if the cypress, the musk, and the tobacco haven't. Or use L'eau D'issey for him if you need to impress your business partners at a business meeting and you don't have the time or the imagination to do it yourself; the perfume will take care of it in a minute, with its sublime combination of amber, musk, and sweet woods. Naturally urban, these scents are designed for the few who understand the meaning of style in a culture as complex as the one today.

We are fascinated by the type of minimalistic solutions used by Issey Miyake to advertise his products: colors regress to the form of shades and the insertions are merely suggestions of design. There is no excess associated to these items and the general feeling is that of a very sophisticated and elegant set of semitransparent materials. Let yourself in the arms of these perfumes and experience what fashion has become in the past years with Issey Miyake perfumes; you won't regret it.

The price of these perfumes is actually cheap considering the quality of the products and taking into account that you choose to order online instead of purchasing them from a local shop. Online orders are fast and very comfortable on your part: in a few days you can have a nice collection of perfumes signed Issey Miyake that everybody will ask you about.