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Irish Spring

Irish Spring is the brand name of a deodorant soaps that was introduced by the Colgate Palmolive company in 1972. Until the beginning of 1990s, Irish Spring soap bars only were produced in one scent, which was forest scent. It was named unofficially as "Ulster Fragrance". The Colgate company has since expanded into several branches. Also, shaving products and Irish Spring deodorants were produced until the 1980s. In 2007, Irish Spring launched body wash. In addition, in 2011, Irish Spring deodorant was lunched again as part of Colgate-Palmolive's Speed Stick label of products. In 1986, the soap formula was changed and it included different scents and skin conditioners were added.

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Irish Spring - A Solution for Nostalgic People

Remember the superb notes of fresh flowers you felt back when you were a kid or a girl? If you do, but you're not sure whether it was the soap or the shampoo, let us enlighten you: it was definitely the incredibly beautiful aroma of Irish Spring products. We're sure of that because, as opposed to most of the brands on the market today, Irish Spring remained loyal to the original fragrance. This consistency over the years proves the stability of the brand (implicitly, its popularity) and the stability proves the quality. Don't hesitate to buy Irish Spring regardless of your intentions: going to the beach, spending a couple of days in an expensive hotel, or simply enjoying a weekend back at home.

Aloe Deodorant Soap should be, by all means, your first choice. The fresh nature of this bar, the light, yet strong feeling of cleansing, and the soft touch of the cream inside convince you once and for all that you're facing one of the most charismatic soaps on the market. In a different register, Clean Scrub Deodorant Soap is the sheer alternative to a common scrub: fine and delicate to your skin, it will clean your skin in depth without leaving any traces or the bothering sensation of a rash. If you want to feel surrounded by this particular aroma, try the Aloe Body Wash: it will give you enough reasons to purchase more, just to make sure you have a backup for any situation in the future.

The design of these products is very traditional in nature; in fact, few things have changed in the past years and the varieties are merely additional solutions to the main design. Irish Spring uses this technique to keep their repeat customers close and help them identify the products faster. It's actually the best way to make sure you find your favorite bar or body wash fast, be it online or at a local store.

As for price, there are literally few items on the market that can compete with Irish Spring. Cheap and efficient they stay in fashion while other similar products on the market come and go.