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Intercity Beauty Company

The perfumes collection Clear fresh was launched in 2009 by American company Intercity Beauty company. It had a big success, because of its fresh and fruity scents. Later on another fragrance line was introduced, named “Avatare Pour Femme”. The collection contains iris, floral scents, rose petals, balm surrounded with modern accords of musk.

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Intercity Beauty Company - The Values of Metropolitan Perfumes

Intercity Beauty Company is a brand that has put a lot of effort in the past years to researching and understanding the ways fashions evolve from one year to another, especially in the urban areas. As such, their offer is specifically designed to meet the expectations of regular customers from around the globe that live in urban areas. From this perspective, you should expect eclectic, very modern solutions and perfumes and complicated formulas for highly evolved tastes.

Avatare Pour Femme soothes your senses from the first touch; light and distinguished, this perfume features a discreet floral bouquet followed by deep notes that carry oriental traces along. Best when used in the daytime, this variety is dedicated to women of all ages who have the confidence to stand for the fashion style they have chosen. Rose petals and musk create the heart of Clear Aqua, a superb blend of subtle tones and incisive aromas. Use it as often as you think fit and make sure you try the additional product that comes as a gift and surprise at the same time. Or try Clear Blu Men, which is the result of years of research in urban studies, sports, and myths.

Intercity Beauty Company focuses on delivering very interesting design solutions by leaving everything in the sight. As such, transparency becomes a key concept in a context where the color of the perfume itself is central and very attractive. You'll forget about the glass, the cap, and even about the transparent front cover of the box when you will admire the sensual and almost suave tones of red, blue, and green, which mark the difference from one variety to another. Don't ignore the golden insertions which add distinction to the already elegant nature of the bottles and boxes. From this perspective, Intercity Beauty Company is the perfect choice if you're looking for a gift.

Buying online Intercity Beauty Company products should be easy and straightforward: place an online order and make sure you purchase more than one element if you want to benefit from superb cut prices and sales for this particular brand.