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Iceberg luxury fashion design house, that has Italian roots. The company was founded in 1962. Silvio and Giuliana Gerani were the founders of the company. The company was created only for women and it was offering such products as accessories, make up and fragrances. The company is an affiliate company of Gilmar Corporation. The company's headquarters are located in Marignano, Italy. The company has outlets and boutiques in many European cities. Mainly in Italy, than Paris, London, Moscow, Kiev and Dubai. The company also sells sportive clothing, jeans and leather-wear.

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Icy Tones from the Mediterranean Sea - Iceberg

Presented in angular or, on the contrary, in slightly rounded shapes, Iceberg perfumes have become relevant on the international market after featuring the intensity of ice on two different levels: in the very nature of the fragrance and in the design of the packaging. Carrying a long tradition behind, Iceberg is dedicated to come up with versatile fragrances for urban people, who like to distinguish between freshness, sparkle, and novelty in a glance. Iceberg has them all, and it has more: a sense of secrecy associated to each and every fragrance available online.

The duality of the nature found in the perfumes sold by this company is impressive indeed: Eau de Iceberg Pour Femme, for instance, defines the feminine touch of deep aromas on a very subtle and fresh base; at the same time, the number 74 (the year when this brand was founded) is visible on the glass, to remind everybody that we're dealing with a great tradition and with decades of experience. Same goes for Eau de Iceberg Pour Homme and for its innovative and persistent nature. Iceberg Twice features the elements of both the aromas mentioned above and it also suggests that eclectic formulas are always preferable to classic solutions when it comes to creating something 100% new and original.

A new type of minimalism begins with the boxes and bottles sold by Iceberg; it's a light and firm combination of lines and textures with an intense understanding of the way futuristic elements blend in the style and the spirit of such jewels. Color schemes are very simple and effective, with just a few shades and special tones, and they revive a spirit that was originally linked to the first years of the pop culture, precisely the period when this brand was created.

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